01 March 2015 @ 08:07 pm
[Well, there were bound to be rather large road bumps along the way.

Ever since Lien had found herself in an actual relationship, life did take a turn for the better in some ways. She couldn't say she felt alone for one and there was always something and someone to look forward to after she returned from a stressful case. But for the most part, her work and her somewhat unsavory background didn't have to interfere with this budding relationship she found herself in. Grandmother and the elders mostly left her alone and any worries or complaints Lien had, she laid them all on Ai Thao who was a patient listener despite having her own issues to deal with that weren't entirely separate from Lien herself...

It was supposed to be a peaceful vacation on a nice island resort. By god, were Lindsey's parents generous, to the point where Lien was in awe of how far they were willing to pamper them both. Honestly though, this was a good opportunity to spend some alone time with her boyfriend especially after work kept her away for a while. But it all came crashing down when a girl who looked and even sounded eerily similar to Lien came in to assault her, cornering her near the docks, maliciously and gleefully telling her "sister" that she couldn't escape a second time like before and no one was going to save her now...

✻ ✻ ✻

[It was raining outside and water hit the windows of the private beach house. Lien rubs the back of her neck (it's sporting some bruises due to the fingers that had grabbed her) while sitting upright in bed.]

I'm okay, honest. She didn't do anything else to me. You scared her off real good.

[Her voice is tired, but reassuring.]
16 February 2014 @ 09:04 pm
[It's hard to believe, but it's already been a little over a month since Lien's life has taken a turn. But regardless, here she is on the week of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year a.k.a. Tết, anticipating on spending a day with Lindsey. This time, they were not friends though. It truly was a New Year with new changes.

Jonah was in the know and although he most definitely had his reservations, it didn't stop him from helping his partner in setting up a real date at a low key, but still energetic festival. It's fortuitous that Valentine's Day practically overlapped with Tết this year. That meant plenty of sights, sounds of Vietnamese mixed with English, the laughter of couples and some families and the smells of food and flowers overlapping each other.

Lien's pretty much ready to go. It's just like any other time they went out together, right?? RIGHT? She sounds a little nervous, but happy.

"Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!"

That mean's Happy New Year in Viet, by the way. )
01 February 2014 @ 11:14 pm
[There's a few things that are different, but some things don't really change.

Amelia, a.k.a. "The Emerald Witch" a.k.a. the protege of the Witch King is having a normal human day all things considered. Her co-workers at high school have no idea how a "young" woman like her could keep on top of her work and make time for her Literature students (and sometimes she's not sure either), but Amelia managed.

Now that it's early afternoon on the weekend, Amelia wants to finish up a good book, right after doing something she recently picked up on... watercolors! There's something relaxing about the activity, at least when she paints her own garden. She walks outside with her materials, but then she stops after exiting from the back. Her brow furrows and she wrinkles her nose.

... Strange. Was I supposed to receive a visitor?
09 November 2013 @ 06:35 pm
[Something felt wrong.

There is a snap and Amelia looks down to see the tip of her pencil has broken. She wasn't even writing with that much force to begin with. It was a small thing, but felt like one of the most ominous signs she had ever seen in her current life. The witch lets out a heavy sigh and gathers up her graded papers. She knows she's not going to get much done tonight with all these thoughts and concerns brewing in her head.

Of course she had seen the news about the pandemonium in London; every time there was a strange or out of control series of events, she followed it closely, especially if it had to do with a certain group of heroes. The only good thing about the ensuing chaos was that the veil of obscurity that covered the magical community increased. Amelia herself was facing less and less encounters with trouble.

But that was what they would call the calm before the storm even if one had literally just passed.

Evening had fallen over the town of Blackgale and the autumn night sky looked clearer than ever. Amelia stepped outside to her garden. Despite the changing seasons, her flowers were still in bloom and brightly colored. It almost cheered her up. Almost. She looks up at the sky, thoughts of the Nine Realms, Asgard, and that particular someone come up in her mind. If anything, it was hard not to think of those things when the stars were in sight. It was a reminder of what was so close, but so far away and out of her reach.

... I don't suppose I'll be hearing back from them for a while.
29 October 2013 @ 11:06 pm
[Several weeks have passed since Lien and Lindsey faced off with the demon in the park. Things were different, but it was hard to tell if anything had actually changed. A little while after, Lien had received a call and what followed was a trip back home to Vietnam with Jonah. Revisiting and paying respects to her commune wasn't as bad as she thought it would be (even after a sharp interrogation from her grandmother, it could have been worse) and she even had fun re-exploring the ever changing Ho Chi Minh City.

But Lien has been keeping her eye on the calendar closely and on one date in particular. Even with all the time in between, she had found a way to fill it up.

Now that she's back in the States... Oh, damn she was cutting it close! She had left a voice message for Lindsey saying she'd be back in time, but it was already evening by the time she got to his place with her guitar on her back.

Aaaaugh! Stupid jet lag, I almost didn't make it!
23 September 2013 @ 11:10 pm
[It's a beautiful autumn evening. The sun is dipping below the horizon, the sky is mixed with hues of violet, reds, and blues. The leaves are browning and the air is crisper and chillier, a great contrast with the great heatwave of summer.

There's no one out during the after hours in this part of the city. The park while quiet and full of quaint charms has been avoided recently after seven unexplained disappearances. Certain officials have advised the locals to stay inside.

Oh, wait.

Dancing in the moonlight,
Everybody's feeling warm and bright!

[Lien is walking past the warning signs and doing a little twirl all by herself. For someone who works on cold cases that usually involve murder in the first place, she sure is way too optimistic. She stops singing and calls to her companion that is not Jonah...]

Isn't the fresh air great? Man, I feel so energized!!
08 August 2013 @ 08:04 pm
[Time has passed since several major catastrophes have come and gone leaving the planet Earth in a tentative state. World governments are doing their best to maintain order, people all over the world are trying to maintain ordinary lives even after witnessing the extraordinary. No other place is doing ordinary best than the town of Blackgale in sunny California.

Then again, it's always been able to do so, what with a witch in its midst. Speaking of which, it's summertime, which means no school and that means Amelia is completely and totally...!!

Very, very, very, busy and very much in danger.

There's two loud explosions of sorts; one where a green signal of light is shot into the air, a beacon calling for help and the other is when Amelia's knocked out of the door and then outside into her garden. She quickly casts a spell, making a dome around her place so that no one would immediately come running towards the scene of disaster.

At least one wall has been breached and her personal possessions including books are strewn everywhere; how was she to know that at least ONE door would lead to another dimension for certain? Or that it would contain at least three strange looking creatures, ones that look very familiar from the footage in New York where... Oh, goddammit.

Amelia's glasses are cracked and she gets up facing three Chitauri. She had closed up the door with magic, but it would only be temporary. She's brimming with magic and looking more or less irate!

It's just another one of those days isn't it? I'll teach you beasts not to mess with me or summer vacation!

[Thank god no one is around to hear her say that cheesy line.]
20 January 2013 @ 09:24 pm
[This is a strange incident that happened many, many, MANY, years ago in another world altogether.

Amelia Steinbeck, six years old, and apprentice to one of the most powerful wizards the planet Earth has ever seen; she's kind of lost right now.

The little girl isn't very familiar with this "Asgard" as Teacher put it. It's a beautiful place though and she found her head attempting to turn in all directions to look at the grand buildings, the sturdy and intimidating warriors and graceful and dignified Aesir women. But, Teacher told her that he had some business to attend to so they couldn't go sightseeing for long and Amelia has an important errand to do!

Too bad his directions are rather vague so she finds herself lost in the town square. She seems to go mostly unnoticed since her state of dress isn't too out of place and everyone else is too busy going about their business to notice the tiny redhead, but she's trying to think of a way into her destination.

Maybe if I just think it like I do in lessons... Yes! I just have to think of where I want to go!!

[Amelia runs to an empty alleyway and closes her eyes to Envision... There's a flash of green magic light.

When she opens her eyes however, there's loud whinnying noises and she falls on her bottom at the sight of large horses on the other side of a fence, shocked by her sudden appearance and the flash of her magic. The little witch lets out a cry of despair.

No!! That's not what I was thinking at all!
16 January 2013 @ 11:50 pm
[OOC: Continuation of this meme thread!]

[Some time later...

... Yeah, the party's been broken up. The telepathic boy had a tearful reunion with his parents. As soon as they met up, it didn't take long for police cars to surround the building and for the drug bust and round up to begin. Strangely enough? Lien's nowhere near the policemen and women and rather, she's in the background of things having already reported back to Jonah. She had told him what had went on, minus some "minor" details, but all in all she was okay.

The police are busy having other people take out the crates while the parents of the telepath are being questioned as well as other guests. The host has been arrested.

Lien's outside, since most of the guests have been ushered out. At least the outside garden was just as nice as the inside. She was separated from Lindsey since she was helping Jonah slip information to the police quietly without attracting too much notice, but now she wanted to look for him. Maybe thank him properly and explain the whole psychic business thing.

She kind of owed it to him after all.
15 September 2012 @ 09:44 pm
[Ai Thao Kha was the hope of the psychic community in both Vietnam and perhaps globally. Her potential was something that was being exercised constantly. She's been sent on a lot of missions lately, mostly small jobs ever since she left Japan much to her chagrin, but she bears it and endures the hard work.

In her world, there's magic and psychic peoples, both trying they're best to tiptoe around each other and avoid conflicts. It's inevitable that the two would bleed over in subtle ways though.
She finds out exactly how on a mission that was simply supposed to stop a criminal esper from smuggling priceless artifacts from their home country.

Ai Thao could feel the aura of the mirror, an unfamiliar sort of energy. Magic? It most likely was, but none that she could recognize. She wished Lien was there to help decipher the object's mysteries, but her sister clone was far, far away. Even with her own extensive abilities, there was only so much she could do looking at the mirror. So she tried to study it herself, drawn to the intricate wooden boarder and the clear, flawless glass and the reflection of herself.

And as her fingers brushed the glass, she thought she saw something... grand buildings, the color of gold, a kingdom of sorts.

Before she knew it, she blacked out. She hears voices, unfamiliar ones, and her eyes slowly open up. She's somewhere in an alley, but she just has the biggest headache as if she's been tossed all around and about.

Now where IS she??
25 August 2012 @ 12:05 am
[Time has passed; Tucker Bailey had taken Monts to meet Jacob Randall and the demon Rathen to see if there was anything they can do to get rid of the Shadow Flower's bond to her body and to her blood. For now there was no immediate solution. There was still some mysteries to be solved, more research to be done. But for now there was still hope. Even if the problem wasn't solved yet, what was important to Marianna was that she was still with Tucker.

They returned to her home with mostly little incident, but now there were other things to think about: having the boyfriend meet the family for instance. Monts' grandparents and father were especially insistent after she dropped a few more hints and she finally relented. She would introduce him after the main celebrations of a young cousin's Quinceañera at a fancy hotel.

Things mostly went well. There were some questions and remarks ("I didn't know you liked British men!"), some friendly teasing from the younger cousins, and curiosity, but everyone was genuinely surprised that Monts spoke so well of him. It was a surprise that she cared so much about him. It seemed like everything would be fine.

At least until her brother Nicolas showed up.

It only takes one attempt at friendly conversation to make her want to avoid her older brother for the rest of the evening. He doesn't feel happy for her, he doesn't intend to. Fine. What she doesn't count on is Tucker talking to Nicolas one on one and before she knew it, one hit to the face and a full brawl was about to ensue if her father and grandpa hadn't broken it up.

Now Monts has led Tucker back up to their hotel room and she's uncharacteristically brooding and upset. She closes the door and turns to him.

You didn't have to do that!
28 June 2012 @ 11:31 pm
[It's the season of summer and that means no school, high temperatures, clear skies, sandy beaches, and a shimmering ocean.

Well, those last few things apply to Amelia right now who has just recently... ah, tied the knot. In short, it's been an interesting past few months, but right now it's time to relax and her teacher has graciously provided a spacious beach house on a private beach. He gets around.

Amelia Steinbeck is out on the balcony, her engagement and wedding ring on her fingers shine in the noonday sun looking out at the beautiful view of the ocean looking a bit in awe.

Well, actually change that last name to West...

You know, sometimes I still can't believe we've made it this far.

((OOC: For timeline reference takes place after this thread.))
28 May 2012 @ 02:50 pm
[It's a nice afternoon on the beach. Adam's taking this day to relax since no job's come up recently. He was thinking of visiting his old man, but apparently good ol' dad was taking a hike up in the mountains with some other friends. How strangely energetic of him for his age.

For Adam, it's times like these that make him feel a bit... isolated. He had very few normal friends to begin with. His friends were witches, wizards, and other strange beings, but it wasn't as if he could call them out on short notice and go, "Let's hang out!"

Worrisome thoughts or not, he always found the salty sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and the warmth of the setting sun enough to calm his mind and just appreciate what was around him. He parked his motorcycle and is out on the sand with a folding chair, four cans of beer and a classic guitar on his lap.

It's been a while since he played any tunes.
22 May 2012 @ 08:31 pm
[Well, things never go as planned do they?

Amelia is in somewhat of a bind. Well, almost a literal bind. A trip to a colleague's (who happened to be a wizard who specialized in magical plants and potions) has lead up to these events:

1) Her being a murder witness to the poor guy at the hands of a few werewolves. Blood and fur everywhere. Wizards and witches may be powerful, but even physical brute strength can get the best of them.
2) Being overcome by said brute strength despite her fighting back and trapped in the house by a magical vine cage that neutralized her magic.
3) Now being watched by at least three werewolves while five more are outside thinking of a plan to deal with the Emerald Witch and the notes that they took from the dead wizard.

This was all very troubling. Amelia sits on a stool, arms crossed and tapping her foot. The werewolves guarding her give off a low growl (they looked mostly human, but since there was no one normal around their animal claws, eyes, fur, and tails were quite visible).

They look... hungry. Amelia raises a brow.

Now, don't give me that look. If I'm going to get a scratch on me, it's not going to be from any of you.

Don't be smart with us witch! We get to choose what to do with you once our business is done!

[Suddenly on a table nearby, the cellphone they took from Amelia is vibrating. The werewolves blink and Amelia stands up as if trying to see who's making the call. Of course one of the guards looks at it and answers the phone instead.]

Wrong number.
21 May 2012 @ 11:04 am
[Amelia's home, pacing back and forth. She had called Madigan over and well... she looks upset. And understandably so. It had been a while since she had seen either Thor or Loki and if her tracking spell was correct (and it took a hell of a long time to make sure it was right; she was dealing with the Trickster God after all), Loki was on earth-- but she was also following news and... WELP there was that incident in Germany that finally clinched it.

Amelia throws her hands up in the air in exasperation and some green magic seems to spark around her to match her mood.

What the HELL does he think he's doing!?

[She mad.]
28 April 2012 @ 06:18 pm
[There is a reason why you don't let granddaughters sneak around old meat factories only to have her call you frantically on her phone about being stuck in the back of a truck with some crazy man. Said crazy man has had a weird aura around his eyes. Obviously, this would make sixty-two year old grandmother, Sandy Lenora Viers hideously furious.

Thankfully, Leona had sent her two texts- one with the address of the farm she's in and two another address leading to a bookshop...

look for the wizard

tell him its me and ask 4 help pls hurry i dont like this place!!

im okay but get help theres something in the barn i think it eats people

[Sandy does not have time to mess around, but despite her granddaughter's penchant for getting in trouble with the supernatural, she also had a penchant for getting the right kind of help from them. And lord knows, Sandy's going to get this wizard to help save her baby girl or heaven help us.

So here, have a sharp-eyed and surprisingly not that wizened elderly slamming the door open to the magical book shop.

She doesn't look like she wants to joke right now.
26 March 2012 @ 12:04 pm
[Amelia's been to different bars in her lifetime, but Blackgale's small, but cozy and sophisticated Red Divine will always be one of her personal favorites. Great drinks, good service from the bartenders and they know Amelia well enough not to bother her while she's having one of those conversations.

The witch always seem to have strange company over after all.

Amelia swirls her brandy in a glass around before finishing it off. One drink down... well, she didn't want to overdo it.

20 March 2012 @ 09:11 pm
[Advanced Placement tests are just around the corner and that means Amelia has to come home a little later than usual due to holding review sessions at school. It was one of the few times in her life where she felt like getting a migraine from having to go over lines from Paradise Lost or the symbols and language of Moby Dick, or the extensive relationship between the characters in Wuthering Heights.

Just ENOUGH already! She wanted to go home and rest peacefully as usual! But when walking up to her door and about to turn the knob, it hits her that going home isn't 'the usual' anymore.

For the first time in a long while she knows someone is waiting for her.

Not letting her tired and irate mood get to her, she enters.

I'm home!
18 March 2012 @ 11:02 pm
[It's not like the the things that happen to certain people in Blackgale stay hidden and secret. People like to keep in touch after all. Micheal, despite being over 100 years old knew how to keep up with the times and it's a good thing his family is old money too.

That means he gets a nice phone basically. And he made sure to treat his old friends Adam and Amelia to nice phones too although the latter didn't like using hers much and the former kept breaking his ungrateful bastard.

And thus the conversations become an intersected and entangled web.

I noticed you haven't been out with your new friends recently.
14 March 2012 @ 06:52 pm
[The setting: it's nighttime somewhere around the docks where there are tons of warehouses and a scrawny looking college kid running for his life.

I mean, who wouldn't run from a shaggy haired man wielding dual pistols and with a half-mad look in his eyes? He finally corners the boy in one of the warehouses and he's making sure his goddamn shades are still on.

Adam Walsh does not fuck around when it comes to the hunt.